daily practice tasks and questions
important to my inner artist

by photographer maria chekhovskaya

As an artist, I am very sensitive to the outside world and always react to its changes. Sometimes feelings overwhelm me and the creative flow turns into chaos. There are also days when I lose inspiration and interest, stop noticing the wonderful world around me and feel completely exhausted.

At one of those moments, I started creating this photo diary for my inner artist. For many years, the tasks and questions collected there have helped and continue to help me find inspiration every day, fill me with meaning, and reconnect with my work. Some of the assignments are stories that made me a photographer.

This is a rich plan and daily goals. It is 62 days of dialogue with your inner artist, 62 days of discovery and search. 62 days of observation, reflection and falling in love with the world around. In the photo diary, I also share the sources of my inspiration - movies, books, photographers and quotes that I have carefully collected for many years.
While completing the tasks, click the "Inspiration" button to find additional materials and my sources of inspiration.
All photos in this diary ©Maria Chekhovskaya
62 days of creativity, inspiration and reflection

access to the photo diary in online format for six months